Buy A Paypal VCC From A Trusted Source

If you are looking for a quality Paypal VCC that isn’t recycled, isn’t used by another person, is legitimate, actually works, does not cause limitation, says what it is supposed to be used for, from a legitimate seller, etc… Then you have a lot of work ahead of you. Most of these VCC sellers you see plastered all over google are simply a waste of money and more headaches then what is necessary. Most sellers today offer no guarantee that their VCC is not recycled as most just simply sell it to you and leave you on your merry way. They do not bother to replace them, they do not care if your account gets limited nor do they have any sympathy whatsoever. So what I am trying to say is, do your research before performing any dealings with these people. There are some trusted Paypal VCC sellers, but not all of them can be trusted. Always be skeptical and question them. If they cannot give you an honest answer or issue replacements or give you guarantees, simply move on.

Paypal VCC

Go with the more trusted sources for Paypal VCC’s like OpenVCC, aspkin forums & Auction Essistance. These sellers have time tested, quality Paypal VCC’s that work from the start. There is no shady business behind these three as they know that any sort of wrong doing will result in some serious complaints that spread like wildfire. Trust me, word gets around that you have been scamming and taking advantage of the buyer and you will get shut down quick! Look what happened to various companies that use to operate, all shut down because of shady practices.

All I am trying to do is warn those buyers that are looking to buy Paypal VCC’s but not wanting to get ripped off like I did with a couple of sellers we dealt with. You do not want to add a Paypal VCC to your account and then a few days later realized your account was limited because of it. Or better yet, you have over $500 in there and it gets limited. If the seller doesn’t offer a refund or replacement, simply attempt to recover that money and go elsewhere. However, we told you, go with trusted sources that have a history of providing positive results.

Here are the sites you can check them out on:



Auction Essistance


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